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Why does she stay?      


She is trapped in a "cycle of domestic violence".

She fears that violence will escalate if an external action is taken and that laws alone will not protect her.

She is terrified by what her partner might do: assault, loss of child custody, child abduction, and murder.

She hopes he will change.

She feels guilty and she is ashamed. She believes that it's her fault. Her abuser blames her for something he does not feel guilty about.

She loves him and cares for him. (It started with a love story!)

She thinks that he can help him, that she is the only one who can deal with this issue.

In order to survive day after day, she starts focusing only on her abuser and does not care much about her own well-being.

She thinks that she is too old to leave.

She does not know her rights nor the services available to her.

She worries about money, about losing everything, about being poor.

She is concerned about not meeting a better partner. She thinks that she is not good enough for anyone.

She stays for the sake of her children and/or because she does not want to deprive her children of their father.

Her personal values and religious beliefs impede her from leaving her partner.

She is emotionally worn out. She cannot make any decisions.

She is scared of the unknown, scared to be alone.

She has nowhere to go. She fears that her family and friends will reject her. She is scared of being isolated.

She fears deportation or expulsion from her community.


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