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My friend, my sister, my daughter, someone I know… is in an abusive relationship.

 I care and as a witness, I can take action!

Verbal or emotional abuse can occur in family, social, intimate and/or work relationships. The abuser tries to win control over another individual by:

Rejecting her: Ignoring or depreciating her, denying her ideas and feelings

Degrading her: Insulting her, making fun of her, altering her sense of identity and self-worth

Isolating her: restricting her vital space, her freedom

Corrupting or exploiting her: making her accept behaviors that are against the law

If someone I know experiences anxiety, feelings of shame and guilt, concentration problems, confusion, fatigue and/or an emotional void…

I can:

What can we do, all of us, in our daily life and in our personal and work environment to live in a violence-free society? Any act of violence involves emotional violence. Emotional or psychological abuse occurs repetitively and escalates over time. If nothing is done, it will not disappear; it can only get worse.

The only way out is to talk in order to:

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