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Violence of any kind has harmful effects on the victim’s life. The medicine wheel helps to understand its impact. It consists in four quadrants representing the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual states of being.


         White is the colour of the North. It represents the Mental state, reflection,          knowledge, learning, work, self-awareness, wisdom, integrity, judgment, maturity,          and understanding. The colour White brings strength and endurance.

         Red is the colour of the East. It represents the Spiritual state, life itself, community          and one’s role within the community, ceremonies, laws, rights, empowerment and          sharing with other resources.

         Yellow is the colour of the South. It represents the Emotional state, self-image, self-          expression, self-esteem, awareness of one’s strengths, rebuilding of oneself, arts,          intimate relationships, friendship and family bonds.

          Black is the colour of the West. It represents the Physical state, body awareness,           physical health, addictions, motherhood and practical aspects of life.

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